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G10 Silicone LED Mask


1. Premium LED Mask: Durable and long-lasting, made with top-quality materials.

2. Full Face & Neck Coverage: Comprehensive skincare and rejuvenation for your face and neck.

3. Effective LED Light Therapy: Proven to treat acne, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

4. Customizable Light Modes: Red, blue, and green lights target specific skin concerns.

5. Adjustable Settings: Control intensity and duration for your comfort and sensitivity.

6. Portable & Rechargeable: Enjoy professional skincare at home or on the go.


1. Effective Pain Relief: Experience significant pain relief with our factory wholesale light belt, targeting muscle soreness, joint pain, and inflammation.

2. Advanced LED Therapy Belt: Utilizing scientifically-proven LED light therapy, this belt increases blood circulation, reduces inflammation, and promotes healing.

3. Customizable Comfort: Adjust settings for a personalized experience, tailoring the intensity and duration of treatment to your needs.

4. Targeted Pain Relief: Our precision design focuses on specific areas, delivering localized treatment for effective relief.

5. Portable Convenience: Take it anywhere with ease – our factory wholesale light belt is perfect for home, work, or travel use.

6. Safe & Non-Invasive: Using safe LED therapy belt, suitable for all ages and skin types, from a trusted factory wholesale manufacturer


Customize Your Mask

Select The Material

Masks  can be made from a growing list of materials, each with its own advantages to consumers as well as varying degree of versatility.

Determine the Shape

LED Masks are made by cutting material into custom shapes to fit under the eyes, cheeks, forehead and so on.

Area of Treatment

Which area of the face or body will the LED mask treat? Traditional sheet masks cover the full face, some cut with special perforations, such as extra material.

Apply for Prototype

Once the sheet mask vision is in place, we will help you to develop your product using our creative thinking method backed up with 15 years of manufacturing experience.

Customize Your LED Mask – Let Your Style Shine!

Welcome to our LED mask customization service!

Stand out from the crowd and showcase your unique personality with our professional LED mask customization. Turn your mask into a moving work of art.

1. Choose your style: Select from a variety of trendy designs that suit your taste.

2. Personalize it: Pick your favorite colors, patterns, or text to make the mask truly yours.

3. Wait for delivery: Once customized, we’ll promptly deliver your one-of-a-kind LED mask right to your doorstep.






ISO 13485认证





1. Established since 2015: Specialized manufacturer.

2. Trend-aware R&D Team: Innovative even in epidemics.

3. Constant Innovation: 3 new models monthly.

4. Quality Certifications: FDA/FCC/UL, CE, SAA approved.

5. Seamless Factory Team: Prompt issue resolution.

6. Stringent Quality Control: 5-step process.

7. Customer-Centric Approach: Low MOQ, fast shipping.

8. Proactive Sales Team: Passionate & professional.

9. Efficient Logistics: Experienced freight forwarding.

10. Reliable After-Sales Support: 24hr assistance.


REDYUT is a professional supplier of LED therapy lights and beauty care devices with advanced and mature R&D team and experienced engineers for 10 years.REDYUT owns 4000 square workshop and modern factorymanagement system. over 20 superior educated international sales provide excellent service for customers. We have professional teams who focus on product,development, design, quality control and inspection.We do strict quality control from material inspection,LED chip test, check during production, aging test, package inspection to guarantee every product 100% tested before delivery. REDYUT provides OEM and ODM, drop shipping services,helping our customers to build up their own reputation andto become competitive in their market.REDYUT takes care of everyone’s health. Bring everyone the original beauty


Alex Watson

My customer really love Sodolux’s products and sales growing fast. A new product red light therapy wrap try again. And already sold some of it



Amalia Maria Salagean

Excellent service and great products. Happy with the price of the flexible infrared red therapy wrap. Would recommend this seller and this product. Thank you very much and I will be back to order more soon.

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We can provide not only single machine, but also complete production plant with our powerful technical support.We can provide not only single machine, but also complete production plant with our powerful technical support.

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